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Recommended Reading

If you are in a leadership position and are looking to gain additional experience and growth, I highly recommend you read Oakland McCulloch's, Your Leadership Legacy: Being the Leader You Were Meant to Be. A well written book that shares Oak's experiences and principles which he has handed down to countless others personally, professional and as a community servant.

It's a must read for anyone in a current or advancing into a leadership role. With the holidays just around the corner, this is a great gift item for family, friends and co workers.

I would also like the opportunity to personally thank Oak for taking time out of his busy schedule to have dinner with my wife and I and discuss the continued growth and direction of the Christopher Hulbert Memorial. It was both an honor and privilege to spend a pleasant evening with a successful and highly decorated military individual. I look forward to his guidance and recommendations as our non profit continues grow.

Thank you,

Greg Hulbert - Director

Christopher Hulbert M


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