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This is Me, I Am Triggered

Trigger Warning

Time stops.

My mind is now its’ own universe, everything else is foggy and distant. I feel too many emotions at once. They jumble around, bouncing off each other, competing for the top spot. I’m angry, sad, frightened, ashamed, and confused. I am in the danger of the past. My breathing is slow, almost imperceptible. My chest is tight and I’m running out of air. I feel trapped in place, unable to move. All reminiscent of back then.

I’m not completely sure if I actually exist, I feel inhuman. My mind tells me this is where I live now. There are only these thoughts and feelings – past, present, or future. There is only this despair. I lose contact with parts of my body. I don’t hear the background noises anymore. In my eyes is that far away look of someone who is not fully present.

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